Our Services

Our service division is a subsidiary of Midgley-Huber Inc. MHI Service was created with the intent of providing qualified startup and service on products Midgley-Huber Inc. represents in the commercial HVAC industry, MHI Service has added personnel each year answering the need from contractors and owners for service and maintenance on those products. We currently employ 28 service technicians servicing the Intermountain West, all have completed or are in HVAC training classes. Along with the training classes, our team receives training from the factories on the equipment Midgley-Huber sells and equipment under service contracts.

Established in 2001, MHI Service is a subsidiary of Midgley-Huber Inc and serves the entire Intermountain West. MHI Service was created to provide qualified startup and service on products Midgley-Huber Inc. represents in the commercial HVAC industry.Today, MHI Service is a locally owned and operated company.

Our service technicians have all completed HVAC training classes and continue to receive current training from the factories on the equipment Midgley-Huber sells and equipment under service contracts. Our commitment to training our team members means we are equipped to check, repair and maintain your system all while providing the best service and maintenance possible. In addition, our team of professionals can also come in and create a new HVAC design or recommend new equipment that will not only perform better but can also lead to a cleaner more positive environment for your family, employees or customers.

Our Equipment

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS so we can respond to our customers quickly. We are a 24/7 service company and we can provide service within the 2-hour requirements. To date, MHI Service has no recordable injuries or lost time injuries.

We Service

  • HVACR – Heating Venting Air Conditioning Refrigeration
  • VFDs – Variable Frequency Drives
  • VRF Systems – Variable Refrigerant Flow
  • Boilers – Heating, Culinary, and Commercial Pool
  • Maintenance
  • Filter Programs
  • Belts & Fans
  • Controls & Automation
  • Commissioning
  • UVC Emitter
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator

Our Outstanding System

Why settle for a less than an outstanding system, when you can have a highly rated, effective, efficient system that will be maintained by our team to last for years to come! Contact us today and say goodbye to the dusty, hot, humid or freezing air you’ve been dealing with.

We offer a flexible, easily-scalable management/monitoring control systems, designed for commercial and industrial applications of any size and high-end residential installations.


Consistency, reliability, and flexibility, we know the importance of a well-designed building controls system that improves consistency, comfort, and efficiency while also reduces downtime.

The products we work with:

  • clarity3
  • iWorX®
  • Niagara N4/AX

Installation & Service

MHI Controls assures that each system communicates effectively and works smoothly together, offering a simple, turn-key BAS solution. We achieve customer satisfaction with timeliness, attention to detail and helpful attitudes.

Our expertise is in:

  • Integrating forced air
  • Hydronic & Geothermal
  • VRF & much more

SRS is committed to providing cost-effective seismic bracing solutions for architects, building owners, contractors, and the construction community. We deliver complete, custom seismic engineering and vibration isolation for all non-structural building utility systems including mechanical piping, mechanical duct, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire protection.

Based in Salt Lake City, we’re the experienced leader for seismic restraint and code compliance in Utah. Whether you’re building a new building or retrofitting an existing one, we’re committed to ensuring you achieve code compliance.

MH Technical Services (MHTS) is a division of Midgley Huber, Inc. MHTS was started in 2005 to meet the needs of customers using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). MHTS focuses on the before, the middle and the after of customer’s needs with regards to VFDs.

Before: MHTS works with end users and the Engineering community to specify and supply products that will meet or exceed the performance needs of clients in all motor control applications. Middle: MHTS provides quotations meeting ridged specification to both the electrical and mechanical distribution and contracting community. We provide not only quotations but submittals and can meet specification driven requirements such as pre-construction computer based harmonic distortion models. After: MHTS provides commissioning and factory certified start up of installed VFDs, end user training for owners and maintenance personnel, on site troubleshooting and failed drive replacement with our in-house, factory trained service company, MHI Service.

MHTS stocks and services ABB’s ACH series Variable Frequency Drives and is the only factory authorized distributor for ABB’s ACH and ACS Commercial series products in our territory. Our territory includes all of Utah, Northeastern Nevada, Western Wyoming and Central and Southern Idaho. We stock VFDs in Salt Lake City from 1 to 100hp in 480 volt and 1-50hp in 208-230 volt configurations.

Please feel free to contact Andy Williamson or Zack Bailey with MHTS with any pre or post VFD installation needs or questions. VFDs are what we do.

UFAB specializes in the fabrication of air handling units and offers the ability to custom manufacture various types of HVAC equipment for the commercial and industrial industries. We provide jobsite installation, including seismic restraint systems, as well as maintain and repair air handling equipment. Our custom approach to engineering and manufacturing allows a high level of customization to meet the stringent requirements for a wide variety of applications and has the experience and resources to provide the exact air handling unit suitable for your application.

Our Employees

UFAB employees are all Union Craftspeople with the local Sheet Metal Workers Union #312 and range from seasoned construction workers to those just starting out in the trade. All our employees have either completed or are in the process of completing a 5-year apprenticeship specializing in the fabrication and installation of sheet metal products, metal working, welding, HVAC and refrigeration.

Sheet metal workers often must work outside their scope and many have knowledge related to the electrical and plumbing industry making them good problem solvers and creative thinkers. This allows us to excel at fabrication and building.

Unitech Manufacturing is a custom air handler manufacture. As such we can start with a blank slate and let the customer hand craft any features they need to meet their needs. Unitech Manufacturing has its own in-house powder coat facility for a clean look and finish. We also have an experienced and equipped in-house welding and sheet metal shop. We can design anything you need from packaged DX custom, ERV, plate frame heatexchangers, modular construction or building a product around an existing infrastructure. No matter your air handler needs, you solution is going to look great. Everything about our air handlers have been built beautifully and purposefully by our passionate team.

Unitech Manufacturing

Our comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that we deliver the maximum value for the lowest possible costs. Based on the customer’s unique needs we can accomplish budget neutral projects through:

  • Project Development
  • Design and Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Performance Period Services
  • Financing



We do this by:




McCoy Sales is our Colorado affiliate. They represent manufacturers of quality heating, cooling and plumbing products in the Rocky Mountain West, and have for more than 60 years. McCoy Sales combines the needs of our customers with the goals of the manufacturer, and together develops business strategies that lead to mutual success.

McCoy Sales takes pride in both the quality products in our warehouse to the one on-one-one friendly service our professional team at McCoy Service provides for each and every product. You can guarantee that McCoy will never let you down.

McCoy Service is a full service department, that can handle the start up and make sure the equipment works the first time. If a problem comes up, we make it a top priority to get it up and running ASAP and operating at its finest performance.

Our clients want to partner with us. Not because we have the lowest price on bid day, but because we realize that all projects will have their hiccups and have built our philosophy around those down moments. When our equipment is involved, we believe that we’re not involved to point fingers and find fault, we’re here to solve problems and help projects remain on time and on budget.

Partnering with Midgley-Huber out of Salt Lake City in 2018 has empowered us to transform into a Full-service manufacturer’s representative of hydronic, plumbing and also air-side equipment—and adding to the list of our product range puts more options in the hands of our esteemed customers.