Recognized & respected as an industry leader since 1894.

Midgley-Huber, Inc. has been serving the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and dust control industry for over 120 years. Originally founded as Midgley Radiator, the company has grown to one of the most established names in the Intermountain West.

We have always strived to be leaders in quality & service

Our work can be seen in a vast variety of buildings. From government buildings to educational buildings, we can handle any project big or small. Our service doesn’t stop there. We have always believed in giving back to our community. We have provided furnaces to homes for Habitat for Humanity and continue to be actively involved in serving their community.

The company continues to see growth. In 2001 Midgley-Huber, Inc. added a service arm to ensure its customers that the quality products and services they provided could continue after the completion of the project.


Advancing new technologies & sustainable products.

One example would be the under-floor air distribution system installed at the new Salt Lake City Library. Low velocity, high induction air creates an occupied zone of conditioned air reducing the amount of energy required to condition the space. This system also allows for future remodeling without the need for costly ductwork and control re-work.

Our advanced building with net zero energy.

Zero energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite through renewable resources over a specified time period. Achieving zero energy is an ambitious yet increasingly achievable goal that is gaining momentum across geographic regions and markets.

Why we build with net zero

Energy consumption represents the second highest operational expense to schools, second only to salaries. Each year, a significant portion of taxpayer dollars are spent on school utility expenses, thereby cutting into funding that could be allocated to resources for students. On average, zero energy schools can use between 65%–80% less energy than conventionally constructed schools, and the remaining energy required is supplied by renewable energy. In addition, zero energy schools can become prominent community landmarks that educate a new generation of students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills critical to our nation’s future.

Our Team

Your HVAC professionals.

Midgley-Huber, Inc. currently employees over 118 extraordinary individuals. Below are employees on our leadership and sales teams. The company collectively is a member of several organizations including the American Society of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE), American Society Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Chris B. Oberle

Owner & President

Terry B. Shields

Owner, Vice President & Secretary

Kent Bailey

Eastern Idaho Territory Sale Manager – Salt Lake

Andy Ely

Sales – Salt Lake

Conrad Campos

Sales – Salt Lake

Craig Williams

Sales – Salt Lake

Paul Mattingly

Vice President – Seattle Office

Garrett Hansen

Sales – Salt Lake

Jake Fisher

Sales – Salt Lake

JD Baranowski

Mechanical Engineer / Sales – Salt Lake

Jeremy Steed

Sales Engineer / SID – Sales

Phil Fiore

Mechanical Engineer / Sales – Salt Lake

Rob Kershaw

Sales – Salt Lake

Saad Khoury

Mechanical Engineer / Sales – Salt Lake

Tyler Hansen

Sales – Salt Lake

Dan Johnson

Project Manager – Salt Lake

Sean Peterson

Sara Johnson

HR Director / Office Manager

Jeff Robenstein

Sales Manager – Boise

Camden Stemple

Sales – Boise

Chris Greiner

Sales – Boise

Jesse Buck

Sales – Boise

Luke Garman

Inside Sales – Boise

Charlie Anderson

Branch Manager – Idaho Falls

Jeff Sorenson

Branch Manager – St. George Office

Louis Bott

MHI Controls Division Administrator

Randy Hoover

MHI Service – President

Susan Ducot

MHI Service – Operations Manager

Andy Williamson

MHTS – Mech. Engineer / ABB Drive Sales

Zack Bailey

MHTS – ABB Drive Sales

James Murray

SRS Principle – Engineer

Nadia Magoon

SRS Controller

Scott Palmer

UFAB Field Supervisor

The Midgley-Huber, Inc. Family

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